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Composites Today: New Technologies, Market Advances, Additive Manufacturing & Recycling Applications
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Composites Today: New Technologies, Market Advances, Additive Manufacturing & Recycling Applications

Workshop Syllabus

Day 1

Day 2

· Introduction

o Who are the attendees? Who is the Instructor?

o What is SAMPE – and other organizations?

· Keynote Address – Chris Ridgard, Cytec/Solvay Group (“"Out-of-Autoclave (OOA) Composite Structures - An Overview of the Technology, the Achievements and the Potential")

· Composites “Market” – What does it entail?

o What are the major markets?

§ Aerospace & Defense

§ Commercial & Industrial

§ Consumer

o What does each market segment cover?

o Differences in approaches in each market segment

o Discussion of high production volume vs. high-performance but low production numbers

o How does tooling support each market?

o Where are the growth areas? (Aerospace, automotive, energy and alternative energy, infrastructure, upcoming areas …)

o What does the future look like in each?

o Carbon fiber vs. glass and other systems in the marketplace

o Cost factors associated with various manufacturing approaches

· Additive Manufacturing Overview – A Status & Challenge

o What processes currently exist?

o What material families are being used?

o What things can be made and what are useful to the composites industry?

o What are the key groups involved?

o Where are the current challenges in AM applications and “unknowns”?

· Manufacturing – “Traditional FRP” Methods Available

o FRP vs. Advanced Composites – overview of the essential differences

o Both “high tech” and “low tech” processing technologies – across numerous markets!

o Process technologies – contact molding, filament winding, pultrusion, chop & spray, SMC, BMC, compression molding

o Process overviews – and – applications coverage with numerous examples

o Thermoset and thermoplastic resins

o Typical fiber types and reinforcements

· Manufacturing – Introduction to Vacuum Bagging, Hand Layup and Out-of-Autoclave (OOA) Aspects

o Coverage of vacuum bagging and hand layup

o What is the process – and the variables?

o Bagging materials and configurations?

o Debulking aspects – and why important

o Resin systems typically used as prepregs (or wet layup bagging)? Prepreg methods and differences

o Fiber forms and developments recently seen

o Out-of-autoclave? Where is the fit without autoclaves?

o OOA – What have been the development trends in past 10+ years?

· DAY One – Summary, Wrap-up, Questions

· Keynote Address – Dr. Uday Vaidya, IACMI-The Composites Institute (“Advances in Vehicles Technology for Lightweighting and Reduced Embodied Energy”)

· Recycling Technology – Expanding Market Segment

o What does this market look like? Is it growing?

o What is the difference between “virgin” materials and others?

o What are the current recycling processes?

o Where are the applications for recycled materials?

· Manufacturing – High Volume, Rapid Production Market Growth Technologies

o Automotive composites market growth – key technology needs discussed

o The resins and fiber reinforcements are different – but where are they different?

§ Resin families and types used

§ Thermosets vs. Thermoplastics

§ “Rapid cure” and “snap-cure” systems

§ Work on reducing “cure cycle times”

o Fiber reinforcement forms and issues:

§ Differences from traditional “aerospace”

§ Fiber types, fiber lengths and forms

§ Glass- vs. Carbon-fiber materials

§ Alternative carbon fiber properties

o Manufacturing methods ARE different:


§ GMT, LFT and numerous others

§ “Over-molding”,” Surface-molding”

§ Equipment needs as well as material developments

o Design & analysis approaches and challenge areas

o Numerous applications

· Manufacturing – Resin Infusion and Liquid Molding Processes

o How do the terminologies differ internationally?

o How do they vary with market segments as well

o What has changed with this technology over last 25+ years?

o Coverage of RTM, VARTM, SCRIMP and VIP

o Coverage of RFI and SQRTM

o Comparison of the above methods, where they fit into the industries and markets – numerous examples … plus some variants (like TERTM, RARTM, VAP, Lite RTM, CAPRI, etc.)

· Manufacturing – Automated Tape Laying, Fiber Placement and Robotics – the growth areas!

o What is the history of growth in these technologies?

o ATL, AFP, ATP and Robotics – what are these processes?

o Thermoset and thermoplastic resins used in these products

o Typical fiber types and reinforcement forms required

o Manufacturing with fiber placement – advances in technology – why this is important today

o Numerous applications discussed

o Growth toward machines and equipment with robotics increasing

· DAY Two – Summary, Wrap-up, Questions


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