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Platinum Sponsors

A&P Technology


A&P Technology is the world leader in preforming technology. A&P’s leadership is a result of its commitment to hard work and ingenuity combined with its modern facilities, state of the art manufacturing technology, and industry leading research and development capabilities. The ability to design its braiding machinery in-house allows A&P to remain at the forefront of braiding technology. A&P’s customers are offered the distinct advantage of customized products with a quick turnaround at the lowest possible costs. A&P’s production braids are used in a variety of applications ranging from automobile side impact airbags to jet engine stator vanes to hockey sticks to prosthetics.

University of Dayton Research Institute


The University of Dayton Research Institute is the research arm of the University of Dayton, located in Dayton, Ohio. UDRI is a national leader in scientific and engineering research, serving government, industry, and not-for-profit customers. Its full-time professional staff of engineers and scientists conduct research and provide support in a wide variety of technical areas. 



Gold Sponsors

MicroTek Finishing


MicroTek Finishing delivers innovative precision surface finishing services using a proprietary Micro Machining Process (MMP). Working from its own treatment labs, MicroTek Finishing provides manufacturers with custom finishes to meet their exact specifications.

Smart Tooling


Smart Tooling brings you high-tech solutions that speed up cycle time, increase yield, decrease waste and reduce manufacturing costs. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service, produce high-quality tooling, and offer the design flexibility that comes from using our moldable, reusable tooling systems. 



Silver Sponsors

Applied Science


Applied Sciences, Inc. specializes in the research and development of advanced materials and their applications and is one of the leaders in the development of materials possessing exceptionally high thermal conductivity. Materials currently under development include vapor-grown carbon fibers, diamond thin films, and composites derived there from.

Cincinnati Testing Laboratories, Inc (CTL)


Cincinnati Testing Laboratories, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Metcut Research Inc., has developed into one of the United States’ most respected independent testing facilities. It provides a wide range of materials evaluation services, specializing in the machining, conditioning, and testing of super alloys, composites, plastics, elastomers and ceramics. 

Composite Technical Services


Cornerstone Research Group


CRG pursues R&D, from molecule to manufacturing, in an array of markets. Providing technology and product development services, we have established the no-nonsense ability to invent breakthrough technology and deliver viable products. Our core competencies are non-metallic materials, systems design/development, and manufacturing process development.

GE Aviation


GE – Aviation is the world’s leading producer of large and small jet engines for commercial and military aircraft. We also supply aircraft-derived engines for marine applications and provide aviation services. GE – Aviation’s technological excellence, supported by continuing substantial investments in research and development, has been the foundation of growth, and helps to ensure quality products for customers.

Maverick Corporation


Maverick Corporation develops and manufactures the world’s most advanced, high-temperatures composite materials.  Maverick polyimide resins and compression-molded parts are qualified with accumulated millions of flight hours in military and commercial aircraft and engine applications.  Maverick has just opened an expanded 5,000 SF state-of-the-art testing facility for product research and development, in support of their 30,000 SF production operation.



NanoSperse is a design and manufacturing company dedicated to improving durability, reliability, and functionality of composites using nanotechnology. The company’s specialization is optimizing multifunctional properties of composite systems for specific end-us applications. NanoSperse is a leading manufacturer of proprietary customer nano-composite formulations.

Northern Composites


Parkway Products, Inc.


Founded in 1946, Parkway Products, Inc. provides integrated manufacturing and supply chain management services to select Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Contract Manufacturers (CMs) throughout North America.  Its manufacturing services consist of custom plastic and magnesium molded components, metal stampings, the assembly and subassembly of OEM components and subcomponents, and the design, manufacturer and repair of molds and dies used in connection with plastic and magnesium molding and metal stamping.

Renegade Materials Corporation


Renegade Materials is the world leader in manufacturing of high-temperature composite prepreg and adhesive materials for structural applications in service temperatures up to 1500°F.  Renegade’s broad range of innovative materials are flight-qualified in production aircraft programs and are supported by design-allowable databases.  Renegade is the exclusive supplier of MVK-14 Polyimide FreeForm® resin and prepreg systems, backed by an NCAMP database which is available for dual-use in commercial and military for global customers, without ITAR restriction.   Renegade’s portfolio includes a family of Bismaleimide prepregs and adhesive for autoclave, RTM, and proven Out-of-Autoclave (vacuum-bag only) processing.  Renegade also features RM-2005 Toughened Epoxy prepregs with extensive databases for carbon fabric and unidirectional tape.  Next-generation formulation incorporating nano-technology offer a wide variety of Multifunctional performance features.  Our state-of-the-art facility easily accommodates production order quantities from 10 to 10,000 pound lot sizes, of films, fabrics and unidirectional tape materials up to 60-inches wide.


Platinum Corporate Partners

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