Darrell Stafford

Additive Workshop Speaker - Darrell Stafford

"Applying Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) to Reduce Tooling Costs and Tooling Delivery Time by 50% for Production of Functional Parts. (Parts made the customers production materials)"  

Presented by: Darrell Stafford, President/CEO, Catalysis Additive Tooling

3D printing is more than 30 years old.  Combining 3D printing with long established conventional manufacturing processes while taking an agnostic approach to the application of 3D printing technologies can create a disruptive change to how functional, production level parts are manufactured.   Understanding the limitations of 3D printing for tooling is key to a successful implementation.  In this presentation we will review project examples and customer testimonials for tooling and parts for

  •  Vacuum Forming
  •  Plastic Injection
  • Metal Forming

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About Darrell Stafford: Retired with 31 years at Honda, Darrell led research/development and application of Additive Manufacturing across all business teams. Responsible for concept development, styling, product development, testing, tooling, packaging, service parts as well as end use parts.


Catalysis Additive Tooling gives customers a 50% reduction in tooling costs and a 50% reduction in tooling delivery time by applying Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) to manufacture tooling to make functional parts. (Parts made with the customers materials) These parts can be used for product development and low to medium volumes production. 


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